Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: September 28, 2006

Chocolate of the Day:

Ben and Jerry's
The Gobfather ice cream
Good - Very Good (with added nuts)

While I have thought that it might be good to save the ice cream-related chocolate entries until next summer - so I don't run out, I decided this just is not possible or practical. There is no certainly, after all, about what tomorrow might bring. Eat dessert first, and all that...

So, in keeping with that thought, today I had some Ben and Jerry's The Gobfather ice cream. This I rated Good-Very Good - especially with some extra nuts on top. Ben and Jerry are based in Vermont (or at least their ice cream headquarters are as far as I know). My daughter and I, while on a school scouting trip recently, traveled to Vermont, and I had hoped we would have time to stop in and pay them a visit. However, it was not to be. (We did, however, discover Lake Champlain Chocolates on this trip in the hotel gift shop, and I'll write more about them later.)

One bit of excitement on this trip, we parked next to a long, black chauffer-driven limousine -- a stand-out at the fairly modest hotel where we were staying. Sure enough, movie starlet Scarlett Johansson popped out of the limo to kiss a young man good-bye (who was probably her brother or cousin) while we were dragging our suitcases into the hotel lobby a few feet away. So, this was a small consolation for not being able to visit some local ice cream celebs.

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