Saturday, October 2, 2010

ChocolateBet: October 2, 2010

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

50 jelly beans
Jelly Belly Candy Company
1.) Sunkist (R) Lime jelly beans - Very Good (refreshing)
2.) Chocolate Devotion jelly beans - Good - Good +
3.) Dark Chocolate jelly beans - Good + - Very Good
4.) Mojito jelly bean - Good +
Calories: 200 calories (estimate)
Cost: Approximately $4.50 total
Purchased from: Jelly Belly Candy Company, Fairfield, CA

After attending the Suisan Bay Waterfront Art, Wine and Chocolate
Festival today (more on chocolate finds from this fest later), I visited the Jelly Belly Candy Company Factory a few miles away in Fairfield, CA.

I enjoyed the Jelly Belly factory tour; and then spent a good deal of time in the Jelly Belly Visitor Center store examining a dazzling  number of flavored beans and other candies. Unfortunately, I just missed being able to eat at the Jelly Belly Cafe (which closed at 3 p.m.), where I could have had a jelly bean-shaped hamburger. (Jelly bean shaped pizzas were also available, in different sizes.)

Today was Day #5 of Chocolate and Lime (+ Ginger) Theme Week. It took only minutes to find lime and chocolate flavors at the Jelly Belly store and sample bar. I later mixed Sunkist Lime and Chocolate Devotion and Dark Chocolate chocolate flavored jelly beans together (with a single sample Mojito bean), in a "recipe"* for what I imagined might approximate key lime pie with a chocolate cookie crust. (The ginger addition came in the form of unsweetened Yogi brand Ginger that helped dilute the sugar rush.)

*Note: Jelly Belly literature and packaging include recipes for various food and drink creations customers can make by combining various jelly bean flavors. There is also a second Jelly Belly factory tour location available in Wisconsin in the U.S.
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