Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NewTree - Cherry Dark Chocolate Spread - Feb. 18, 2014

Chocolate of the Day:

NewTree America Inc.
Cherry - Dark Chocolate Spread
Good - Good +
Weight: 2 Tbsp. serving / 8.8 oz. (250 g.) in 1 jar
Calories: 136 calories in 2 Tb serving
Cost: $8.45 (estimate) for 1 jar
Purchased from: NewTree Cafe/store, San Francisco, CA

Today was Day #14 of Chocolate and Cherries Theme Week.

For a double cherry and chocolate experience, I heated and drizzled Cherry Dark Chocolate Spread from NewTree America (San Anselmo, CA -- with offices in Belgium) on black cherry gelato. Topped off with chopped almonds and a cherry, my dessert sundae was complete.

NewTree makes their chocolate spreads with organic and fair trade ingredients, and with less fat (no oils) and sugar than most other commercial brands, something I really appreciated. This particular jar was made with a minimum of 62% cocoa solids.

The first American President, George Washington, was born on February 11, 1731. (The date was "moved" to later dates in February in subsequent years.) Regardless, happy birthday to all our Presidents celebrating birthdays this month. One tale depicted a young George Washington as so honest that he confessed having chopped down a cherry tree to his father. True, or not, cherry and fruit trees are in bloom now where I live, and we've enjoyed celebrating chocolate + cherries this month.
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