Sunday, December 2, 2012

Amella - Gray Salt and Double Dark Caramels - December 2, 2012

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

Amella (Caramels)
1.) Gray Sea Salt Caramel - Good +
2.) Double Dark Chocolate Caramel - Good +
Weight: .932 oz. (26.4 g.) for 2 pieces/ 8.4 oz. (238.1 g.) for 18-piece box
Calories: 140 calories for 2 pieces (estimate)
Cost: $18.00 (estimate) for 18-piece box 
Purchased from:

Today was Day #9 of Chocolate and Caramel Theme Week.

Yesterday, I sampled a Classic Caramel from the 18-piece, Agave Collection assortment box from Amella Caramels. This box contained four flavors of caramel -- all covered in dark chocolate.

Today I tried two more flavors: the Gray Sea Salt Caramel and a Double Dark Chocolate Caramel from this same collection. The fourth flavor, a Roasted Almonds caramel will be featured later, during an upcoming Chocolate and Almonds Theme Week.

Amella uses cocoa butter in their caramels giving them a less chewy and more "melty" consistency -- a mouth feel somewhere between a caramel and a truffle. This was especially true for the Double Dark Caramel; the chocolate caramel center had more of a creamy ganache taste and texture.

The Gray Sea Salt Caramel was a well-balanced execution between twinkles of sea salt, caramel and dark chocolate.

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