Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CocoaPlanet - Mandarin Orange, Orange Blossom bar - April 8, 2014

Chocolate of the Day: 

CocoaPlanet Inc.
Mandarin Orange and Citrus Blossom
Weight: .7 oz. (20 g.) in 1 package
Calories: 96 calories in 1 package
Cost: $2.99 (estimate) for 1 package
Purchased from: Piazza's Fine Foods, Palo Alto, CA

It's early April in California. We're enjoying roses, geraniums, citrus blossoms and green hillsides dotted with wildflowers. So, inspired by recent fragrant blooms, welcome to Day #1 of Chocolate and Flowers Theme Week.

Today's chocolate from CocoaPlanet (Sonoma, CA) combined Mandarin Orange (Organic Mandarin Orange Oil) with Orange Blossom, and Organic Orange Zest. Orange blossom (and neroli oil) are favorite scents of mine, and the blossom flavor in this bar contributed a light floral note.

The dark (64% cacao) chocolate was Non-GMO project verified. Both chocolate and orange elements were flavorful and well balanced.

This dark, miniature planet was punctuated with precisely circular craters, and light bands of embedded orange terrestrial features. Actually, CocoaPlanet founder Anne McKibben (and her husband) set out to "suspend spheres of flavor" in a chocolate disc to create "more flavor with less sugar." I'd say they succeeded. And the small size helps prevent galactic overindulgence.
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