Monday, July 14, 2014

Baba Joon's - Coconut Almond Chocolate Chewies - July 14, 2014

Chocolate(s) of the Day: 

Baba Joon's Chocolate Chewies
Coconut Almond
Good + - Very Good
Weight: 1.07 oz. (30 g.) for 2 / 7.5 oz. (212 g.) for 14
Calories: 130 calories (guesstimate) for 2 cookies
Cost: $ N/A - gift
Purchased from: N/A - gift

Today was Day #3 of Chocolate Surprise Theme Week.

It was a week of beautiful, warm summer evenings. Perfect for picnics, walks and generally having a relaxing good time. Last Saturday, I enjoyed an outdoor concert with friends. One friend (thank you Elise!) brought a surprise gift -- these Coconut Almond cookies to share from Baba Joon's. And I'm featuring them today.

These Coconut Almond Chocolate Chewies were part of a line of "little chocolate miracles" from Baba Joon's (Morgan Hill, CA) -- that were gluten free, dairy free and preservative free. (I'd tried their apricot and walnut flavors before.) They were fresh, chewy, light and tasted satisfying and full of chocolate and coconut flavor, without being cloyingly sweet (as some macaroon style cookies can be).

These two-bite sized snacks were good hiking snacks as well. I tested them myself, and shared with others today.

Surprise - Second Chocolate
And, speaking of hiking, I was surprised to find a great ice cream treat from a local ice cream store in the middle of a redwood forest (Henry Cowell State Park), at a park store.

The Nutty Bar from Marianne's Ice Cream (Santa Cruz, CA) was delicious. A generous block of vanilla ice cream was coated with dark chocolate and smothered in chopped nuts. Yum.

Surprise. Chocolate is everywhere.
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