Thursday, November 23, 2023

Ranger Chocolate Co. - Dark Chocolate Cherries 70% - Nov. 22, 2023

Chocolate of the Day

Ranger Chocolate Co.  
Dark Chocolate Cherries 70% 
Good ++ - Good +++
Weight: .95 oz. (27 g.) / 6 oz. (170 g.) in total package
Calories: 170 calories in 1 serving (4 cherries)
Cost: $10.00 for 1 package
Purchased from: Bar and Cocoa, online order

Welcome to Day #4 of Chocolate and Cherries Theme Week.

Today's Dark Chocolate Cherries were from Ranger Chocolate Co. (Portland, OR).

The whole Bing cherries at the center of these confections were from Hood River, Oregon, played a starring role.

Aroma notes included: rich, flavorful dark chocolate (with very faint fermentation and fruity notes); very faint molasses/brown sugar; and dried fruit (cherry, plum).

The texture was very pleasing to bite into. Creamy dark chocolate gently collapsed into a soft, chewy (whole) cherry center.

Flavor notes included: dark chocolate (fudge brownie), very faint, fleeting stone fruit (cherry) and fermentation notes (after the package was first opened); and cherries with sweet, authentic fruit flavor that had its own gentle, undulating arc.

The high-quality ingredients were complementary and delicious. The cherries were not too chewy or hard. Quite the opposite. The 70% dark chocolate helped modulate the sugar in the (sweetened) cherries.

Ingredients: Dried fruit (cherry, sugar, citric acid, sunflower oil), chocolate (organic cacao, cacao butter, organic sugar), cacao powder

Allergen-related ingredients: "Manufactured in a facility that uses gluten, egg, milk, tree nuts" 


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