Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saba Saba River Pecans - Chocolate Pecan Pie In-a-Jar - Nov. 22, 2015

Chocolate of the Day: 

The Great Saba Saba River Pecan Company
Chocolate Pecan Pie In-a-Jar
Good - Good +
Weight: 3.6 oz. (102 g.) / 1.8 lbs. (816 g.) in total jar
Calories: 400 calories in 1 serving
Cost: $12.99 for 1 jar
Purchased from: Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Rocklin, CA

Welcome to Day #4 of Chocolate and Thankful Theme Week.

Today's Chocolate Pecan Pie In-A-Jar, from The Great Saba Saba River Pecan Company Inc. (Saba Saba, TX), is the kind of ingredient that begs to be experimented with.

This caramel-y and chocolate-y pecan pie filling was chocked full of pecans—the first thing I saw when I opened the large, screw-top glass jar.

I used this pecan pie filling two ways today, to create: 1.) a single serving of gluten-free chocolate pecan dessert, and 2.) a small chocolate pecan pie parfait with vanilla ice cream. Both hot and cold dessert results were good. And if you like nuts, topping these with a few more pecans may even be in order.

I also enjoyed learning more about the Saba Saba River, Texas, and pecans today. (The Great Saba Saba River Pecan Co. offers pecans, pecan preserves, toppings, candies, and other items from their 10,000 orchard of pecan trees that grow near the river in the Hill Country of Central Texas.)

This is why I love writing about a new chocolate every day on I am thankful that I get to learn something new every day.

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