Thursday, July 8, 2010

ChocolateBet: July 8, 2010

Chocolate of the Day:
1 bar
Trader Joe's
Lumpy Bumpy bar
Good + - Very Good
Weight: 2 oz. (57 g.) in 1 bar
Calories: 290 calories in 1 bar
Cost: $1.99
Purchased from: Trader Joe's, in Menlo Park, CA

The Lumpy Bumpy bar. What a great name; and there were, in fact, a few random lumps (peanuts) in the dark chocolate coating that surrounded a caramel and peanut nougat filling. I realize some people cut a chocolate bar with a knife to show a nice clean cross-section. But, this image (right) is closer to what you might see if you enjoy this bar like a real human might.
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