Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ChocolateBet: May 23, 2012

Chocolate of the Day: 

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates
Dark Hot Chocolate
Good + - Very Good
Weight: 1 oz. (28 g.) estimate / 12 oz. (340 g.) total bag
Calories: 120 calories (estimate)
Cost: $34.00 for large bag of cocoa; cup and saucer; metal whisk (set)
Purchased from: L.A. Burdick, Walpole, New Hampshire

Today was Day #7 of Chocolate Beverage Theme Week.

Tonight I savored a small cup of hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick (New Hampshire). This cup was part of a hot chocolate set that included a generously large bag of mix with dark chocolate ("69% - 72% cocoa content") shavings; a customized, L.A. Burdick chocolate cup and saucer; and a small metal whisk.

The best chocolate beverages tend to have a short list of minimally-processed ingredients. In this case, the short list read: cacao beans, sugar and cocoa butter ("may have soy lecithin and vanilla").

This set also included a small gift card with a picture of an L.A. Burdick chocolate mouse with almond ears. These mice are delicious. Just ask the squirrel in my yard who, last year, tunneled into an L.A. Burdick box that had been left on my doorstep in order to excavate and eat said mice. (Eventually I did get some mice of my own to taste, and I concurred with the squirrel's excellent judgement.)
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