Monday, April 15, 2013

Socola Jameson Whiskey truffle - April 15, 2013

Chocolate of the Day:

Socola Chocolatier
Jameson Whiskey truffle
Good - Good +
Weight: .375 oz. (10.6 g.) in 1 truffle / 4.5 oz. (127 g.) in total 12-piece box
Calories: 112 calories (estimate) for 2 pieces
Cost: $24.95 for 12-piece box
Purchased from: Socola Chocolatier table at SF Chocolate Salon, San Francisco, CA

Happy April 15th -- more commonly known as tax filing deadline day in the U.S. Turning to sweeter things, today was also the first day of Chocolate and Spirits Theme Week.

Whether you're celebrating a refund or writing a check to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you might be able to celebrate with a wee taste of Whiskey today, in chocolate form. I recently picked up a "Hat Trick Collection" box of attractive, bite-sized truffles from Socola Chocolatier (San Francisco, CA) that contained three flavors: Jameson Whiskey*, Bacon and Stout Beer.

The Jameson Whiskey truffle was decorated with a light "Socola" green paisley pattern across the top, and had a creamy dark chocolate ganache infused with whiskey notes.

*One caveat: Jameson Whiskey may be a seasonal flavor; and if so, I'm happy to have caught the last train to chocolate and whiskey happyland. 

The Bacon truffles in this box were very good. I believe this truffle was the same as, or a close relative of, Socola's "Notorious HOG" truffles, that burst on the scene a few years ago (featured here in 2011).

I did not taste the third flavor, Stout Beer Truffles (decorated with white strokes); however, much enjoyment ensued when sharing these with others.

If these flavors don't excite you, I suggest checking out Socola's Give it to Me Guava (which I look forward to featuring in the future), and their Jasmine truffle (available as part of a tea collection box) which is wonderful if you like floral flavors.

Thank you Wendy, Susan and Harriett (the inspirational flying llama)! 
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