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Fuel4Ever - Chocolate Almond Collagen Protein Bar - Feb. 26. 2024

Chocolate of the Day

Chocolate Almond Collagen Protein Bar
Good+ - Good ++
Weight: 1.9 oz. (54 g.) 1 bar
Calories: 210 calories in 1 bar
Cost: $3.49 for 1 bar
Purchased from: The Market at Edgewood, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Day #7 of Chocolate and Almond Theme Week.

Today's Chocolate Almond Collagen Protein Bar was manufactured for Fuel4Ever (San Jose, CA).

This dark chocolate-hued protein bar was dense, chewy, and chocolate-y, and flecked with small almond bits. 

Flavor notes included: sweetened cocoa; mild, diffuse and very faint fruit (date)); and subtle, mellow, nut (almond) butter (number one ingredient).

I liked that this Chocolate Almond bar contained 14 grams of protein*--great for someone wanting/needing to boost their protein intake. (Most protein bars contain closer to 9-12 gram of protein.)

The sweetness level was relatively high; although the bar contained only 5 Net Carbs. It was sweetened with Allulose**. I would've preferred a bar with 1/3 of this level of sweetness (and less allulose; but I prefer less sugar(s) in chocolate and dessert items, so others may feel differently.

Ingredients: "Almond Butter, Protein Blend (Bovine Collagen Peptides, Almond Protein Powder), Chicory Root Fiber, Allulose, Cocoa Powder, Almonds, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavors, Sea Salt, MCT Oil (From Coconut), Kale, Spinach, Monk Fruit Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract."

Allergen-related information: Contains Tree Nuts (Almonds, Coconuts). May contain traces of: Peanuts, Eggs, Soy, Milk, Wheat, Sesame, and other Tree Nuts.

*Protein sources: Bovine collagen protein and almond protein

**Allulose is a naturally occurring (lower calorie) sugar that occurs in very small amounts in plants (figs, raisins, wheat, molasses, maple syrup). It can be commercially produced from corn or sucrose.

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