Friday, May 13, 2011

ChocolateBet: May 13, 2011

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

1.) Starbucks
Mocha Coconut Frappuccino
Good +
Weight: 12 oz. (Tall size)
Calories: 375 calories
Cost: $3.85
Purchased from: Starbucks, in Oakland, CA

This week I'm getting island fever; next week I'll be in Maui, Hawaii, looking for new chocolates. Today (Day #6 of Drinking Chocolate/Chocolate Beverage Theme Week), I was inspired to search out chocolate and coconut cold drinks. I'm off caffeinated coffee; however, Starbucks Frappuccinos are now available with decaf coffee; hurray. And their new flavor just happened to be Mocha Coconut, topped with mocha syrup and toasted coconut flakes. That was lunch...

2.) Mistral Restaurant and Bar
Custom-made coconut rum, dark creme de cacao, milk/cream, soda water, over ice drink
Good + - Very Good
Weight: 10+ oz. (estimate)
Calories: 300+ calories (estimate)
Cost: $7.50
Purchased from: Mistral Restaurant and Bar, Redwood Shores, CA

This evening was spent at Mistral Restaurant and Bar, in Redwood Shores, CA. In addition to splitting a great salmon dish, salad and spring rolls with a friend (thank you Laurie), I put in a chocolate and coconut drink request at the bar. Thank you to Tamera for whipping up a great, custom-made drink with coconut rum and dark creme de cacao over ice.

ChocolateBet: May 12, 2011

Chocolate of the Day:

1 serving
Sunny Side Organics
Satellite Organic Maya Chocolate (drinking chocolate)
Very Good
Weight: 3 Tbsp. / 8 oz. (227 g.) total bag
Calories: approx. 200 calories including hot milk, water
Cost: N/A - gift
Purchased from: N/A - gift

Today was Day #5 of Drinking Chocolate/Chocolate Beverage Theme Week. Chef Aaron runs the Sunny Side Cafe in Albany, CA, but also offers a line of Fair Trade, Organic Chocolate "Satellite" drinking mixes -- made with powdered cacao and chocolate shavings.

The Organic Mayan Chocolate (65% cacao) drinking chocolate,  was labeled "bittersweet" and was made with organic cacao powder, organic evaporated cane juice, nonfat dry milk, vanilla powder and beans, and Criollo cacao liquor. I found it to be a very nice blend with just the right amount of rich flavor and a hint of sweetness. I added hot milk and water.

ChocolateBet: May 11, 2011

Chocolate of the Day:
1 serving
Hiram Walker and Sons, Co.
Kahlua Mudslide
Good +
Weight: 66 mL/200 mL in 1 small bottle /(total pack of 4 bottles)
Calories: information not listed on label
Cost: $7.99 for 4 bottle pack
Purchased from: Safeway, in Palo Alto, CA

Today was Day #4 of Drinking Chocolate/Chocolate Beverage Theme Week. And, I made a switch from high-end cacao-based drinking chocolates to a pre-mixed cocktail -- an area where chocolate often plays a supporting role. I am nothing if not a chocolate omnivore.

I liked these smaller sized bottles, as I am not a big drinker. A portion of one bottle, chilled, in a glass, was fine for me.  Of course, one could also splash some over vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Mudslide!

And speaking of dirt and/or mud... I also was able to taste a good "dirt" bar today. Thank you to Sunita at The Chocolate Garage for allowing me to help test some chocolate bar samples, including one with strong dirt or earth notes. 
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