Thank Yous

***Thank You All

Like any big, long-term project, Chocolate Banquet has been made possible with the help of many individuals who offered suggestions, samples, advice, support and/or inspiration. Below is a partial list of people I would like to thank:

Anurag Ahluwalia; Claire Amkraut and Naomi; Cristina Arantes; Christine Bajada; Melanie Ball; Anne Baxter; Sharon Beach; Cristina Besher; Maya Boeye; Candace; Pat Carlson; Andrew Cho; John Cho and Colleen Kirby Cho; Charles Christy; Claudia; Michael Closson; Molly Connolly; Harlan Crowder; Aseem Das; Sunita de Tourreil; Esther C. DeBra and Daniel B. DeBra; David DeBra; Heidi D., Tim, Myles, Asher and Sierra Thompson; Kathryn DeBra and Keith Simmonds; Debbie Deiss; Flavia deMiranda; Toni Deser; Charlene Dupray; Michelle Dzigurski; Jack Epstein; Robbin Everson; Zeina Ferzli; Rick Fleeter; Jeri Flinn; John Flynn; Vince Fung; Dick Goertzen; Jennifer Goldfinch; Anni Golding; Darren Hagobian; Clarine Hardesty; Gary and Pat Heddon; Ron Herman; Megan Hightower; Kelly Hostetler; Eileen Howard; Judy Irving; Feven Iyassu; Julie Jaycox; Steve Juba; Seneca Klassen; Lisa D., Jeff, Marit and Petra Knapp; Joyce Kushner; Elise Levi; Joy Lowrie; Neeley Main and Matt Drown; Diana Malouf; Carlos Mann; Laura Mappin; Michael Mischer; Madelyn Miller; Ashish Mukharji; Nancy Nadel; Birgit Neil; Kaitlin Nelson; Susan Neville; Marilyn Newberg; Susie Norris; Laura Oliphant; Amy Parmenter; Bill and Wendy Pegram; Mary Posey; Alec Proudfoot; Ardis Proudfoot; Terri; Alex; Pepe; Christina; Mike Robbyns; Jacinta Sainanee; Bill Scull; Esther Shih; Adam Smith and team at Fog City News; Ying Sosic; Mark Sommer; Mike and Donna Stasio; Cynthia Sun; Elana Turchon; Jasmin Uhthoff; Ginger Vobejda; Nina Wanat; Don Weden; Mark West; Laurie Wilk; Susan Wu; Davide Zanella; and Linda Ziff. Thank you also to Erin and Yesenia for tasting comments.

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