Monday, December 30, 2013

Cocopotamus - Razzmanian Devil + Yo-Ho-Ho - Dec. 31, 2013

Chocolate(s) of the Day: 

NYDC Chocolate, LLC

1.) Razzmanian Devil
Good+ - Very Good
Weight: .5 oz. (14 g.) / 2.47 oz. (70 g.) for 1 box of 5 pieces
Calories: 78 calories in 1 piece
Cost: $11.95 for 1 box of 5 pieces
Purchased from: SweetE Organic, Mill Valley, CA

2.) Yo-Ho-Ho 
Weight: .5 oz. (14 g.) / 2.47 oz. (70 g.) for 1 box of 5 pieces
Calories: 82 calories in 1 piece
Cost: $12.00 for 1 box of 5 pieces
Purchased from: Cocopotamus (website, online order)

Happy last day of 2013, and a Very Happy New Year's Eve to all. Today was Day #7 of Chocolate and Holiday Spirits Theme Week.

Rather than go with champagne and chocolate, I opted for four "fs" -- feisty, fun, fantastic and fudge: Cocopotamus dark chocolate fudge balls, individually wrapped in festive foil, and infused with spirits.

The Cocopotamus Razzmanian Devil dark chocolate fudge balls were bouncing with delicious, sweet black raspberry and raspberry brandy flavor. And the Cocopotamus Yo-Ho-Ho fudge balls were infused with jolly shot of Caribbean rum, lightly frosted with a gold shimmer, and rolled in crunchy, sweet grains of caramel colored Turbinado sugar.

Here's a fifth "f": fearless. I hope you live joyfully and fearlessly in 2014. May all your dreams come true -- chocolate and otherwise.

TCHO Craft Bourbon truffles - Dec. 30, 2013

Chocolate of the Day: 

TCHO Ventures, Inc.
"Nutty" PureNotes + Woodford Reserve Craft Bourbon (truffle)
Very Good
Weight: .85 oz. (24 g.) (estimate for 2 pieces)
Calories: 127 calories (estimate) for 2 pieces
Cost: $5.00 for 2 pieces
Purchased from: TCHO, Pier 17, San Francisco, CA

TCHO was a leader in helping educate chocolate lovers about specific flavor notes that could be coaxed from cacao beans from various origins. They created (and still offer) four basic PureNote dark bars: "Citrus," "Nutty," "Chocolatey" and "Fruity" -- so named because of flavor notes that are present with certain beans.

More recently, the company has branched out into different products, and this last year decided to produce a limited number of confections. In the display case of their shop in San Francisco, were four different flavors -- one that corresponded to each of their four basic flavor groupings, available by the piece. Each confection/truffle was paired with complementary flavor additions.

Today's dark truffle used TCHO's PureNotes dark "nutty*" 65% cacao chocolate as a base, made with beans from Ecuador. (This chocolate was described as having hints of roasted nuts, espresso and toasted malt.) It paired very nicely with a touch of spirits, a great choice for the winter holidays. The smooth, dark ganache (filling) was infused with Woodford Reserve Craft Bourbon (Versailles, KY).

*Note: "Nutty" describes a flavor profile. There are no nuts in this blend.

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