Monday, December 30, 2013

TCHO Craft Bourbon truffles - Dec. 30, 2013

Chocolate of the Day: 

TCHO Ventures, Inc.
"Nutty" PureNotes + Woodford Reserve Craft Bourbon (truffle)
Very Good
Weight: .85 oz. (24 g.) (estimate for 2 pieces)
Calories: 127 calories (estimate) for 2 pieces
Cost: $5.00 for 2 pieces
Purchased from: TCHO, Pier 17, San Francisco, CA

TCHO was a leader in helping educate chocolate lovers about specific flavor notes that could be coaxed from cacao beans from various origins. They created (and still offer) four basic PureNote dark bars: "Citrus," "Nutty," "Chocolatey" and "Fruity" -- so named because of flavor notes that are present with certain beans.

More recently, the company has branched out into different products, and this last year decided to produce a limited number of confections. In the display case of their shop in San Francisco, were four different flavors -- one that corresponded to each of their four basic flavor groupings, available by the piece. Each confection/truffle was paired with complementary flavor additions.

Today's dark truffle used TCHO's PureNotes dark "nutty*" 65% cacao chocolate as a base, made with beans from Ecuador. (This chocolate was described as having hints of roasted nuts, espresso and toasted malt.) It paired very nicely with a touch of spirits, a great choice for the winter holidays. The smooth, dark ganache (filling) was infused with Woodford Reserve Craft Bourbon (Versailles, KY).

*Note: "Nutty" describes a flavor profile. There are no nuts in this blend.

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