Friday, July 21, 2017

Trader Joe's - Golden Spiced Milk Chocolate Bar - July 21, 2017

Chocolate of the Day:

Trader Joe's
Golden Spiced Milk Chocolate Bar
Weight: .65 oz. (19 g.) / 2 oz. (57 g.) in total bar
Calories: 110 calories in 1/3 bar
Cost: $2.99 (estimate) for 1 bar
Purchased from: Trader Joe's, Carlsbad, CA

Welcome to Day #9 of Chocolate and Spices Theme Week.

Trader Joe's (Monrovia, CA) has sourced a variety of chocolates for their label that are accessible in terms of price and availability throughout their chain of retail stores in the U.S.

Most of their dark chocolates have been quite good. Great milk chocolates are harder to find in general, not just at Trader Joe's. Today's Golden Spiced Milk Chocolate Bar had its strong points, but was not one of my favorites.

The texture was smooth with a slightly creamy melt. And crisped quinoa provided some nice texture. The list of spices was impressive and included curry powder, ginger, powder, turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg and black pepper.

The resulting blend was fairly balanced; i.e., it was not too strong or weak; however it was not completely harmonious; and there was a slight artificial flavor. The bar also contained "natural coconut flavor" and vanilla extract. That's a lot of flavor components to juggle.

The bar was fairly sweet, as most milk chocolates are.
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