Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: September 20, 2006

Another busy day at work. And no time for lunch....Not a good pattern here. But, hey, I can eat out of the vending machines again today. I'll just use this as an opportunity to mow through the generic packaged chocolate-laced candy bar brands that we all know and love.

Today, I'm eating a 1.75 oz. bag of peanut M&Ms. There is comfort in going with something that is very consistent and well-known. They are not disappointing. I decide to count the number of M&Ms in the bag. I get 19. I (am embarrassed to admit) sort them into different color piles on my desk and have to be careful they don't roll off the pile of papers on my desk that I'm balancing them on. I smile as I look around to see if someone can see me doing this. Nope. I eat the dark chocolate-brown colored ones first, followed by the red ones, the blue ones, and then the orange ones. Then I finish up with the green and yellow ones. Why do I do this? Who the heck knows. Is it a vestige of some obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) behavior from ancient hunter-gatherer times? Is it leftover from post Halloween night candy-sorting circles with siblings and friends on living room rugs that went on the 1960s american suburbs every year? Who knows. Who cares. I enjoy my M&Ms. And then the phone rings...and the action items swirl back to the forefront of my brain...and it's back to work.

Chocolate of the Day:
1 bag
Peanut M&Ms
Very Good
From: vending machine at work

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