Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: September 22, 2006

Today I venture into a new Whole Foods Market near where I live. I am awed by the huge-ness of the store, and its array of good foods I can eat. They have multiple kinds of wheat-free bread, that actually tastes very good and very bread-like. I am looking for a sun-dried tomato and garlic bread that I found at a Whole Foods store (a short drive and a few cities away) last year, that I chopped up and made stuffing out of for last thanksgiving. But, eventually, I work my way through the aisles (and I do find the bread) - to the chocolate counter. Yes, they have one here, and I'm excited that they may become one of my regular local stops.

I pick out a Tiramisu Cup. It tastes wonderful. This is the best chocolate I've had in awhile.

Here's where I start getting analytical, which I'm prone to do. Sigh...Later on, I realized this tiramisu piece of joy came after a few days of vending machine chocolate foods, so maybe it tasted better relatively speaking...But no, this was pretty great. It also started dawning on me that my rankings of chocolate I was writing down in my spreadsheet to track all this was somewhat subjective - Yuck to OK to good to very good to yum! OK, not very scientific, but this seemed sufficient for what I was trying to accomplish. But, I started thinking. There must be lots of factors that influence whether one chocolate item is consistently "good" or "very good" over time. Factors might include how hungry you are, what you've just eaten, how fresh the chocolate is, where the cocoa beans came from.... Hmmm. I decide to table these thoughts. I'll research this later, and will try to make comments where I can on this spreadsheet. And I won't think too much about this right now. Just enjoy the Tiramisu Cup... Yes indeed.

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