Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: September 17, 2006

This is great. I'm going with a good friend up to the Ferry Building in San Francisco for more birthday month celebration. Her birthday is this week. Hard to believe neither of us has spent much time up here, given that we both appreciate good food, and flowers, and the city in general. We've both been suburban-bound for a bit too long. We drive up there in a Porsche convertible which she has use of this weekend, and put the top down and fly up and down the hills of San Francisco. This is fantastic.

The shops in the Ferry Building are great. We sample cheeses, and of discover miette bakery and lots of great chocolate shops. I start counting the different types of chocolate I am seeing just in this building...Yes, I think eating 365 different kinds of chocolate will be no problem this year. We end up being able to squeeze into the Asian-themed Slanted Door restaurant at the corner of the Ferry Building (looks out over the Bay), by eating at the bar. Very good food.

We drive home via Skyline Boulevard - which has, at certain points, views of both the Pacific Ocean far below, and of the peninsula and SF Baylands on the other side. It's getting dark, and a bit cold, and it's probably time to put the car top back up/on; but we put the heater on instead so we can enjoy riding with the top down just a bit further. I open a small chocolate sampler box that I bought earlier at the Ferry building.

The chocolate for today is a chocolate ginger heart. We each had one. It was very good and a great end to a fantastic day in the city. Only I love ginger and anything that tastes like gingerbread, so I'd be happy to see the spicy flavors amped up a bit. I put that on my list to search for something like this.

Chocolate of the Day:
1 piece
Richenetti??? (check)
chocolate ginger heart
Very Good
Ricenetti??? chocolate shop, Ferry building, San Francisco, CA

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