Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: October 5, 2006

Snickers candy bar - regular version with peanuts. Good.

Another childhood, long-time, reliable standard. The venerable Snickers bar received only a "Good" rating - probably only because I've come to like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate over the years.

I used to be more equal-opportunity-oriented when it came to chocolate. However, I've become more of a snob I fear. When I started doing this chocolate bet last month, I vowed that white chocolate just wouldn't do (unless combined with other "better" or "real" chocolate) for this list. I'm probably being unfair to white chocolate, because it is not totally fake chocolate from what I can tell. It usually has cocoa butter in it. Ah well, my apologies to white chocolate for now. Maybe if it was wrapped up in a Snickers bar? Naw. Definitely not. Although some combination like this probably exists somewhere - some white chocolate yeti in a powdered sugar snowstorm holding out a Snickers bar with beseeching (sp?) eyes. Perhaps I'll run into it out there.

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