Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: September 21, 2006

Another busy day at the office. Time to hit the vending machines for a chocolate-related snack. This time I contemplate the choices more carefully, as I realize if my reliance on machine-supplied chocolate food items continues, I'll run out of items within a week or two. Hmm. I jangle the coins in my hand. I check to see if any new interesting state quarters have come out recently, and to see if I have any. (The U.S. govt/mint is issuing one quarter for each of the U.S. states over a period of a few years.) I'm collecting those at home on a little cardboard fold-up map that I bought at the drugstore.

I select the Snickers with ALMONDS, and not peanuts. Yes, I decide, this is definitely a different item than the Snickers bar with the traditional peanuts. I'm sure it must have a different bar code or sku in someone's accounting book somewhere. I'll eat the regular Snickers bar later this year. I eat this candy bar while reading email messages about budgets, expenses, partners, and other work-related topics at my desk. I am a cube drone today, with an occasional thought about needing to set aside some time to be more creative at counteract the drone-ness I think.

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