Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: October 13, 2006

Chocolate of the Day:

1 serving
Kandy Brights
"Solid Milk Chocolate" Candles (yes they really light up)
OK - Good - great concept
Weight: 7 g. for 1 / total box/package of 8 candles was 2 oz. (56 g.)
Cost: $5.99
Purchased from: Diddam's (party supply store), in Palo Alto, CA

Tonight I got together with a great friend to celebrate being 50ish. Well, it's a month after my actual birthday, so it's stretching the whole birthday month concept a bit far....Or, is that possible? Welcoming and planning for the new 50s era is worth celebrating in excess I think.

We enjoyed a fantastic meal in Half Moon Bay - a city on the coast/Pacific Ocean, south of San Francisco - at Cetrella's restaurant. This whole area used to be, arguably, best known for its agricultural and marine bounty. An old farmer's market building/site was transformed into a very nice high-end restaurant a few years back, and they still keep that tradition alive by specializing in local produce and ingredients. We had a very helpful waiter who suggested pairing certain wines with foods, and he was spot on.

We had a creme caramel dessert, which we topped with (Kandle Brights) edible chocolate birthday candles that I had purchased recently at Diddam's store (a great place for party supplies). The caramel was very nice, and while the chocolate candles weren't really a feast by themselves, they were such a nice touch. We couldn't resist lighting them, and gnawing on them a bit after we were done. A great evening.

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