Monday, September 17, 2007

ChocolateBet: November 2, 2006
Chocolate of the Day: 

It's time to try some chocolate that at least looks and/or sounds like it might come from outside the U.S.

Most cacao beans grow in areas that lie closer to (above and below) the equator; and these areas are outside of the U.S. -- except maybe Hawaii. Most chocolate is made in non-cacao growing countries. Today's chocolate happens to be from Spain.

Turrones are nougat type sweets, made with honey (or sugar) and nuts, and are often sold before//for the Christmas holidays.

Today's milk chocolate (33.5% cocoa) was a Ludomar brand turron de praline de almendra (Chocolate Almond Turron). This product of Spain was brought to the U.S. by "Forever, Cheese, NY 11106," a company that specializes in imports from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

In any case, this Spanish chocolate with almonds (almendras) and hazelnut with a hint of vanilla (shown above, far right) was good.

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