Saturday, September 22, 2007

ChocolateBet: March 29, 2007

You'll have to forgive me. I'm about to wax rhapsodic about spring. The return of sun and flowers is another big reason (in addition to chocolate, good books/magazines/writers, good friends, great sunsets, good exercise, etc.) to be glad about life.

Today, clumps of bright orange California poppies burst out everywhere against bright green lawns. By April, things will start to head toward a goldish/tawny color as the sun gets stronger. But February and March are magical green months in California. Eating lunch outside at a table in the sun, white blossom petals fly around me, and I wonder why I don't make more of an effort to leave my desk more often. On the drive home, it is still light, and the setting sun pours into my left ear like warm honey. I love spring.

The following was my chocolate of the day:

Whole Foods
1 serving - chocolate toffee almonds
~2.2 oz.
Very Good - Yum
I got hooked on these and had to buy some, after trying a free in-store sample near the check-out counter.

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