Saturday, September 22, 2007

ChocolateBet: March 15, 2007

This evening I had a chocolate martini ~ 4oz. It was OK. (It was a bit disappointing after the outstanding one I'd had in L.A. at Lola's last year.)

Misc. notes: My boyfriend and I met his aunt and uncle for dinner in the East Bay. They are about to sell their house in the San Francisco Bay Area and move up to Orcas Island (the San Juan Islands near Seattle, WA). It was great to hear about their retirement plans. Sounds relaxing.

However, family health issues that have come up in the last several months (including mom almost dying and being left incapacitated by a freak illness that requires around the clock nursing care, dad having to have open heart surgery this month, my daughter's friend getting killed in a car crash, a few cancer scares, etc.) left me less relaxed during this get-together than I would have liked to have been. Still, being able to celebrate with them, and see them off, with a touch of chocolate on top, is not so bad.

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