Saturday, September 22, 2007

ChocolateBet: May 6, 2007

It's Sunday, and I'm going to San Francisco. I've not had one day yet where I didn't get energized by going up there. Today I'm taking a friend up to North Beach with me, to eat brunch and to show her my office space. We end up talking a lot about life, and along the way we stop for some gelato, at Gelato Classico. I have 1 scoop (in a cup) of Peppermint Bark gelato, and it tastes Very Good. It's a really warm (almost hot) day in San Francisco, so the peppermint taste, and something cold is refreshing.

Gelato Classico is on Union St. in North Beach, San Francisco, CA; look for the ice cream cone out front. I look forward to going back and trying other chocolate flavors.

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