Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ChocolateBet: December 6, 2006

Chocolate figs in mid-air

I've brought today's chocolate with me on the plane.

As we travel over the Pacific, I open a small box that has some Bio Vera Matiz Extremeno Pecaditos - Chocolate Truffle-filled figs. They are very good.

I eat a few on the plane, and a few in my hotel room in Shanghai - just to cover any possible discrepancies in what day it is, due to the time change. And also because they're good.

However, they can't save me from jet lag and my cold. I send my regrets for dinner (and send my colleagues a box of chocolates instead), and I try to sleep. But, I keep waking up from the sounds of car horns, bicycle and cart bells, and all sorts of noise from the street below. Shanghai streets are very busy in this neighborhood, and never quiet. And people love to use their horns it seems. When I get up later and I look outside the window I see why. The mix of vehicle types crammed into one roadway is chaotic, at best. Everyone probably needs to warn each other of where they are heading every few seconds to avoid collisions.

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