Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ChocolateBet: November 7, 2006

Well, I couldn't resist. I am back at the new neighborhood Whole Foods store - at the chocolate counter.

I try two different kinds today: the Lavender Fleur d'sel (Yum) and Toffee spice pecan (Very good). There is something very nice about the lavender and certain floral flavors/scents that I would bathe in, plant in my garden to enjoy the smells wafting through the air, and love to eat as well. Just dip me in these great smelling plant-based flavorings for chocolates like lemon verbena, rose, Earl Grey and lavender, and roll me in chocolate, and I'm good. Oh, and a little sprinkle of sea salt on the top please. Who would have thunk it, but all these chocolates and chocolate caramels dusted with a few salt crystals on top are really tasty.

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