Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ChocolateBet: December 13, 2006

Chocolate of the Day: 

Meiji Chocolate
Cacao 86% dark chocolates
Weight: 2 pieces / 1300 mg.? (130 g.) total package of 10 pieces
Calories: (had trouble translating label)
Purchased from: Lawson's (store), Tokyo, Japan

While on a business trip to Tokyo, I wandered into Lawson's, a store (chain) that looked like a Japanese version of U.S.-based 7-11 store - only stocked with slightly better, or at least more interesting food items. This is the third little store I've ducked into on the walk to and from meetings, and they're all fun to check out.

Surprise, they have great potato salad and a few weird/great flavored potato chip flavors over here. The store employees/owners were also unfailingly polite, and answered my silly questions about chocolate, and about a chewing gum that is supposed to make you smell nice. I remember reading about this in a magazine a few months ago, and wanted to pick up a pack or two of this gum to take back home.

However, my trying to act out this concept "yes....gum...(make pretend gum chewing face) that makes you smell nice... after you chew it...)" was pretty entertaining to these folks, but they were very nice about it, and tried not to laugh too much.

Today I tried some Meiji brand dark chocolates (10 pieces in a package). They were OK, but were sort of bitter. They're 86%(!) cacao. Wow, no wonder.

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