Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ChocolateBet: December 11, 2006

Today, I had 3 squares of a Vosges Haut Chocolate's Naga Bar - which is a milk chocolate bar flavored with curry powder and coconut flakes. This, like the Black Pearl bar yesterday, was also very good, and fit thematically with my travels in Asia this week. (I bought both of these bars ahead of time and brought them with me in my suitcase - just in case I couldn't find, or didn't have time to buy, a new chocolate. Although, I should have known better. Chocolate items must be found in almost every country by now. So, I buy more things to try in the little store I walked by in Tokyo.

Fortunately, we'll be doing some walking in and around Tokyo, which will help. Thank goodness we're traveling in the train system with some locals. Unless you can read kanji or katakana (?), you're pretty much asking to get lost. Don't be afraid to ask for directions though. Just remember to bow and say thank you. And hope you don't look too american-foolish, domo.

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