Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ChocolateBet: December 20, 2006

This chocolate bet log started out to be this great fun thing. And, so far, I'm not having any trouble finding a different chocolate to eat every day. This, despite my not being able to eat any chocolate-related products that contain wheat (regular flour). This year has ended up being fairly eventful though - my hitting a milestone birthday, being able to lease an office space in the city (SF), and many other exciting new projects, international travel at work, my daughter making plans to go away to college next year, and also some serious developments with my parents health. (My apologies to those who just wanted to read more about chocolate and less about my "dear diary" life. I actually have a spreadsheet that has "just the facts" and am looking into whether I can post this.)

Today is my sister's birthday, but our family is spending a lot of time in the hospital visiting my mom, and no one is really up for celebrating much. Mom has a fever, and probably a blood infection she picked up in the hospital, along with paralysis in her arms and legs. She's not fully coherent. It's another "bittersweet" chocolate day (This was not a deliberate choice - I bought these chocolates earlier). It does seem to fit though. Today I have a 1 oz. Scharffen Berger Bittersweet Dark Chocolate bar, with 70% cacao. It's good.

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