Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ChocolateBet: December 23, 2006

Chocolate of the Day: 

Empire Torte American
Chocolate Empire Torte
Calories: I really wasn't paying attention
Cost: N/A - gift
Purchased from: N/A - gift from Canada

After visiting my mom, who is still hanging in there in the hospital, yesterday after work, and receiving a chocolate bar from a hospital "angel", I was fortunate enough to have a great late dinner out with a friend which really helped lift my spirits.

Also, a business partner from Montreal generously sent out a delicious chocolate Empire Torte as a holiday gift this week. And I brought this truly wonderful (yum - highest rating) chocolate torte to the hair salon where I went today to have my hair cut - to share with Celine and Helena there - with some alcohol-free champagne. The healing power of chocolate is confirmed!

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