Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mars - Dove Whole Blueberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate - Aug. 16, 2016

Chocolate of the Day:

Dove Whole Blueberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate
Good - Good +
Weight: 3 oz. (85 g.) / 6 oz. (170.1 g.) total package
Calories: 400 calories in 1/2 package
Cost: $4.99 for 1 package
Purchased from: Walgreens, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Chocolate, Fruit and Botanicals Month. This week I'm featuring another item in a series of blueberry chocolates.

Blueberries and chocolate have become known as good sources of antioxidants; so it's no surprise that companies are creating confections with both of these sweet, flavorful ingredients.

Today's Dove Whole Blueberries Dipped in Dark Chocolate offering from Mars Chocolate North America, LLC (Hackettstown, NJ) was similar to yesterday's Emily's dark chocolate covered, glossy, pearl-shaped blueberries. These were also covered in smooth dark chocolate, but were slightly sweeter. Both tasted relatively authentic and were made with real fruit (thank you).

Although today's Dove blueberries contained lactose, corn syrup and artificial flavors, which I could have done without. And yet, I still managed to enjoy 1/2 package with no trouble whatsoever.

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