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Whittaker's - Hawke's Bay Plum and Roasted Almonds in Dark Chocolate - March 21, 2024

Chocolate of the Day

Hawke's Bay Plum and Roasted Almonds in Dark Chocolate
Good ++
Weight: .37 oz. (10.5 g.) in 1 bar
Calories: 57.5 calories (estimate) in 1 individually-wrapped square 
Cost: $N/A gift 
Purchased from: N/A - gift (Thank you Penny!)

Welcome to Day #2 of Chocolate and New Zealand Series.

Today's individually-wrapped square: Hawke's Bay Black Doris Plum and Roasted Almonds In 50% Dark Chocolate was from Whittaker and Sons LTD (Porirua, New Zealand).

This dark chocolate--part of the company's NZ Artisan Collection--was made with Black Doris Plum(s) from Hawke's Bay* (one of 16 regions of New Zealand, located on country's North Island), and roasted almonds.

Aroma flavor notes included: sweet dark chocolate (dark ganache; chocolate and vanilla cake); fruit (red grape, ripe plum); and vanilla flavoring.

Texture: smooth dark chocolate with flecks of crunchy roasted almond and barely detectable fruit particles (easier to identify by flavor than by texture).

Flavor notes included: dark chocolate (with a touch of vanilla) with uniformly dispersed sweet refreshing red fruit (red grape, sweet plum and berry jam) and tiny hits of roasted nut (almond flecks).

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate [Cocoa Solids 50%* (Cocoa Mass & Pure Cocoa Butter), Sugar, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Natural Flavour, Vanilla Flavour]; Roasted Almonds 5%; Freeze Dried Plum Pieces 1.5%. *Minimum Percentage.

Allergen-related information:  Contains: Almonds, Soy. "May Be Present: Milk, Peanuts, Other Tree Nuts, Gluten."

*Hawke's Bay is known for apples, stone fruits (including peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines), wine grapes--and almonds. This region is sometimes referred to as "The Fruit Bowl of New Zealand".

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