Monday, April 17, 2023

Califia Farms - Cold Brew Coffee with Almondmilk Mocha - Apr. 17, 2023

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Califia Farms 
Cold Brew Coffee with Almondmilk - Mocha  
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Weight: 10.5 fl. oz. (310 mL g.) in total bottle
Calories: 110 calories in 1 bottle
Cost: $ Missing information
Purchased from: Country Sun Natural Foods, Palo Alto, CA 

Welcome to Day #3 of Chocolate and Coffee Theme Week.

Today's Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee with Almondmilk Mocha (beverage) was distributed by Califia Farms, LLC (Bakersfield, CA).

Aroma notes included: chocolate milk and faint mocha.

The texture for this dairy-free, almondmilk-based, chilled coffee beverage was very smooth and similar to low-fat dairy-milk.

The (Rainforest Alliance certified) cold brew coffee and chocolate (alkalized cocoa powder) flavors were relatively mild and pleasant. (There were also very faint nut and vanilla-like notes.)

The caffeine level (less than 50 mg in this bottle) and sweetness levels (Total carbs.: 17 g., including 2 g. fiber) were relatively low as well, making this a relatively relaxing, pick-me-up. It was a smooth, cold beverage enjoyed on a warm afternoon that still let me sleep later in the evening.

Ingredients: Cold brew coffee (water, coffee), almondmilk (almonds, water), cane sugar, alkalized cocoa powder, natural flavor, potassium citrate, calcium carbonate, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, monk fruit juice concentrate, guar gum, gellan gum.

Allergen-related information: Contains almonds. (Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO Verified, carrageenan free, gluten free)

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