Saturday, July 2, 2022

One One Cacao - Blue Mountain Coffee 71% (bar) - July 2, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

One One Cacao 
Blue Mountain Coffee 71% (bar)
Good ++ - Good +++
Weight: .353 oz. (10 g.) (estimate) in 1 sample-sized bar
Calories: 55 calories (estimate) in 1 sample bar
Cost: $53 - one of 6 sample bar chocolate tasting
Purchased from: Happy Chocolate Experiences, online order 

Welcome to Day #14 of Chocolate and Jamaica Theme Week, and Day #1 of Chocolate and Coffee Theme Week. 

Today's Blue Mountain Coffee 71% sample bar was from One One Cacao (Kingston Parish, Jamaica).

This sample-sized Jamaican coffee bar was part of an online Jamaica chocolate tasting with One One Cacao founder, Nick Davis, arranged by Sunita de Tourreil at Happy Chocolate Experiences.*

Aroma notes for this 71% dark bar included subtle coffee, nut, savory (salted purple grape, very faint smoked sea salt/savory), and light fruit (raisin) and almost invisible floral (honey).**

The texture was smooth, but slightly rustic (think stone-ground chocolates, or chocolate with finely ground coffee). 

This chocolate offered substantial, hearty, well-balanced dark chocolate (faint brownie batter and dark fudge cake) flavors. Do savor slowly to fully enjoy the wonderful Blue Mountain coffee and cacao elements in this chocolate. 

The sweetness was pleasant and not overwhelming. These were high-quality coffee and cocoa beans to start with. The aroma and flavor notes were subtle,  complex, hearty and satisfying all at the same time. The beans' natural flavors (varieties, fermentation, conching/grind and refine times) and the roast time(s)--for both coffee and cacao--seemed very well calibrated to hit this point. Thank you to One One Cacao.

Maker's description: "Jamaica's Blue Mountain Coffee is often said to be the most expensive in the world. It isn't but it's super expensive compared to (your) average cup of Joe because of the incredible fruity and floral notes found in a light medium roast of the beans. Wait a second! Fruit floral notes, combined with Trinitario cacao's similar profile, with the chocolate notes in the coffee itself. It's a match made in heaven, we roast both beans using state of the art fluid bed bed technology to tease out the best flavour. Two bean's one love!"

Ingredients: (Not included on small sample packet.)

Allergen-related information: (Not included on small sample packet.)

*Sunita previously founded The Chocolate Garage in Palo Alto, CA. Happy Chocolate Experiences enable chocolate lovers expand their awareness about great chocolate, and makers around the world.

**Note: I enjoy well-balanced salt, savory and umami flavors/flavor inclusions in chocolate, and considered this very faint salt/savory/salted buttered nut note a plus.

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