Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Disidente - 100% Colombian Craft Chocolate (bar) - Mar. 22, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

("Colombian Cacao Taxonomy")
100% Colombian Craft Chocolate (bar)
Good - Good +
Weight: .525 oz. (15 g.) / 1.05 oz. (30 g.) in total bar
Calories: 101 calories in 1/2 bar
Cost: $6.50 for 1 bar
Purchased from: Bar and Cocoa, online order

Welcome to Day #10 of Chocolate and Colombia Theme Week.

Today's Cacao Disidente 100% Colombian Craft Chocolate (bar) was manufactured by El Colaboratorio (Bogota, Colombia).

One might think that 100% cacao (all cacao, no sugar) chocolate would have a powerful, bitter, dark aroma. However, 100% bars vary tremendously in this regard. 

Today's single-ingredient (cacao beans) bar had a relatively subtle, complex bouquet that included: light cooked fruit (goji berry, red grape, lychee, faint salted/dried plum), faint green tea,  cooked rice and floral aroma notes. 

Tasting notes included many of the same cooked fruit and rice, faint floral notes noted in the aroma, plus subtle, fleeting caramel coffee candy and mild (heritage cacao, Criollo variety) chocolate flavor with mild, balanced bitterness.

The texture was a bit starchy/grainy (as if cooked rice liquid had been run through in the final refining). It had a relatively even texture and melt that was not objectionable. Just different.

I would definitely put this on a 100% bar tasting flight for its unique, subtle and mild profile.

Ingredients: Cacao beans

Allergen-related information: "May contain traces of milk and nuts"..."Store in a cool, dry place, do not refrigerate."


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