Sunday, February 13, 2022

Goodnow Farms - Special Reserve Dark 100% Cacao (Peru) bar - Feb. 13, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

Goodnow Farms
Special Reserve Dark Chocolate 100% Cacao (bar)
Good +++ - Very Good
Weight: .97 oz. (27.5 g.) / 1.94 oz. (55 g.) in total bar
Calories: 150 calories in 1/2 bar
Cost: $15.00 for 1 bar
Purchased from: Bar and Cocoa, online order

Welcome to Day #10 of Chocolate and 100% Cacao Theme Week, and Day #5 of Chocolate and Peru Theme Week. 

Why are there so many 100% Cacao bars made with Peruvian cacao this week? Peru produces a range of cacao varieties with flavors ranging from the bolder Forastero/Amelonado cacaos to milder, Criollo-like cacaos (with cream and soft fruit notes). Today's subtle and sophisticated bar tasted closer to the latter. 

Today's Special Reserve Dark Chocolate 100% Cacao (bar) was from Goodnow Farms (Sudbury, MA). 

Aroma notes for this bar included: soft citrus (lemon), soft ultra-dark chocolate, and soft green notes. I rarely use the adjective "soft" to describe 100% cacao bars. The notes were present and nicely balanced, but gentler than expected, based on 100% cacao ultra-dark chocolates featured earlier this week. 

This bar broke with a hard snap, and had a uniform, sophisticated buttery melt and mouthfeel.

The flavor was smooth with a balanced bitterness (like a creamy ale), diffuse fruit (citrus, stone fruit) in cream, and very faint roasted mocha cream notes. 

Note: I re-tasted this bar 30 minutes later, and also detected some very, very faint, fleeting earth and umami (sauteed mushrooms in butter with a pinch of alderwood/hickory smoked salt) and very faint creamy green tea latte notes.) Creamy complexity. All good. Those who really slow down and pay attention may enjoy a four-course, five star meal in a bar.

The use of ("fresh-pressed") single origin cocoa butter likely contributed to this chocolate's unified, polished flavor profile. 

The clean, elegant flavor extended into a light, lingering finish that also recalled cream and dairy notes/mouthfeel.

Was this 100% cacao chocolate bar worth $15.00? Yes, it was.

Goodnow Farms maker's tasting notes: "Lemongrass, green grapes and peach"..."The smooth flavor of this award-winning bar will change the way you think about 100% cacao."

Ingredients: Single origin cacao beans, single origin cacao butter (Soy Free, Vegan, Gluten Free)

Allergen-related information: "May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts."


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