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Bouchard Belgian Chocolate - Dark Caramel Sea Salt 72% Cacao - Jan. 13, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

Bouchard Belgian Chocolatier
Dark Caramel Sea Salt 72% Cacao (pieces)
Good +
Weight: 1.06 oz. (30 g.) / 16 oz. (455 g.) in total package of 90-93 pieces
Calories: 160 calories in 1 serving (6 pieces)
Cost: $7.99 for 1 package of (approx. 90-93) pieces
Purchased from: Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, Palo Alto, CA

Hallo (hello) and Welcome to Day #7 of European Chocolate (Virtual) Vacation Theme Week, with a (virtual) stop today in Belgium.

Today's Dark Caramel Sea Salt 72% Cacao (pieces) were from Belgian chocolatier Bouchard B.V. (Ghent, Belgium). 

Ghent is a city that is steeped in history and has its own culinary specialties. In my imagination, I strolled along canals, admired stone and brick buildings. (The well-preserved gild houses are a reminder of prosperity achieved centuries ago when the area was a hub for manufacturing, trade and finance.) I stopped for a hot bowl of waterzooi (fish soup similar to a chowder), enjoyed cuberdons (raspberry filled candies), and read about Floralien, a large flower celebration/show (April-May 2022). And, of course, I sampled some chocolates.

Dark Caramel Sea Salt 72% Cacao dark chocolate pieces
These individually-wrapped Belgian chocolate pieces had a subtle dark chocolate aroma. I took a few pieces along for a (real) walk today by the water. They were a perfect, transportable snack and were easy to share with others as well.

The small pieces (finely ridged rectangles with rounded corners) were thin enough to afford quick access to flavor. Each piece broke with a firm snap at room temperature (68 degrees F.).The smooth dark chocolate base contained tiny, crunchy sweet and salty crystals--just the right size to add flavor interest, but not too overwhelming in any given bite.

Flavor notes included: rich, dark chocolate (72% cacao) interspersed with very light malt, salt and caramel and very faint nutty flavors. 

The overall taste was relatively smooth, balanced and satisfying. And these petite dark pieces were not overly sweet (thank you).

Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate, sugar, glucose syrup, cream, sea salt, butter, low fat milk powder, sunflower lecithin, salt. 

Allergen-related information: "Contain milk." "Produced in a facility that also uses eggs, soy and tree nuts." "Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Dairy"

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