Sunday, June 13, 2021

Trader Joe's - Brownie Crisp - June 13, 2021

Chocolate of the Week

Trader Joe's 
Brownie Crisp
Good +
Weight: 1.02 oz. (29 g.) / 5 oz. (142 g.) in total package
Calories: 120 calories in 1 serving (3 crisps)
Cost: $2.99 for 1 package
Purchased from: Trader Joe's, San Carlos, CA

Welcome to Day #2 of Chocolate and Brownie Theme Week. 

Some of the chocolate brownie items featured this week will be homemade, with a few made with single origin chocolate. Others, like today's chocolate treat, will be purchased off-the-shelf from various retail locations.

Today's chocolate brownie-inspired "Brownie Crisp" offering was from Trader Joe's (Monrovia, CA).

Each square smelled and tasted like the well-done top layer harvested from a baked chocolate brownie...but these were more uniformly thin and crunchy, like a brownie cookie -- exactly as advertised. 

You may not even notice that these crispy, chocolate chip/chunk adorned chocolate squares are also vegan and gluten free (made with a gluten-free flour blend, see Ingredients list below).

Ingredients: "Organic cane sugar, flour blend (oat, garbanzo, sorghum, tapioca and potato starch, fava), organic soymilk (water, soybeans, tricalcium phosphate, potassium citrate, carageenan, magnesium chloride, vitamin E, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, vitamin B2, vitamin B12), cocoa, chocolate chips and chunks (unsweetened chocolate, dextrose, cocoa butter, soy lecithin), margarine (palm oil, mono- and diglycerides, sunflower lecithin, citric acid, beta carotene), leavening (calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, cream of tartar), cellulose gum, modified cellulose, natural flavors, baking soda, sea salt, xanthan gum."

Allergen-related information: Vegan, gluten free. Contains soy.

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