Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mexican Chocolate Avocado Mousse - Mar. 28, 2020

Chocolate of the Day:

Mexican Chocolate Avocado Mousse
Good +
Weight: 3 oz. (85 g.) (estimate) in 1 serving
Calories: unknown 
Cost: $ N/A - multiple ingredients (some old, some new)
Purchased from: N/A - multiple sources

Bienvenidos a (welcome to) Chocolate Banquet. Today we celebrated Day #5 of Chocolate and Mexico Theme Week with a Mexican-themed chocolate mousse,* made with a blend of ingredients native to Mexico, including: cacao, avocado, vanilla, honey, allspice, and a touch of chili powder.

Melted 81% dark chocolate and cocoa powder provided rich chocolate flavor, and vanilla extract and ground allspice brightened up the deep dark flavor a bit. Ripe avocados added creamy texture; and a few spoonfuls of milk of one's choice, or even ice cream, can enhance this further.

These ingredients were blended together to make a creamy, flavorful, honey-sweetened mousse. (The Maya and Aztec peoples may have used honey from stingless bees as a sweetener or dessert. I couldn't find any stingless bee (Melipolini/Melipona) honey. I used organic honey from honeybees.

Nuts and seeds (peanuts, pecans, pinon nuts and squash seeds) from Mexico would also be suitable, authentic garnishes for this dessert.

*A pudding is generally cooked, whereas a mousse is not. Several recipes call for using a piping bag to apply a mousse like this to a plate or a bowl, as it does make it much more attractive looking. (While it sounded unnecessary, it really does make this dessert look much more appetizing.)

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