Thursday, March 16, 2017

Phi Kind - Cherry Almond Butter truffles - Mar. 16, 2017

Chocolate of the Day: 

Phi Kind
Cherry Almond Butter
Good - Good +
Weight: .565 oz. (16 g.) / 1.13 oz. (32 g.) in 1 box
Calories: 80 calories (estimate) in 2 pieces
Cost: $7.95 for 1 box of 4 pieces
Purchased from: Seed Bank, Petaluma, CA

Welcome to Day #6 of Chocolate and STUVWXYZ Theme Week. Today, "x" is for xylitol, specifically birch xylitol, a sweetener for that serves as a sugar substitute.

Xylitol is naturally occurring "sugar" alcohol found in most plants, fruits and vegetables. Commercially available xylitol is typically made from corn cobs or birch bark.

This box of lightly-sweetened Cherry Almond Butter truffles from Phi Kind (Santa Rosa, CA) was sweetened with a blend of birch xylitol, sunchoke syrup and stevia (from the stevia plant).

Phi Kind founder Jonathan (Jon) Pantalis is committed to making organic, zero-glycemic index sweetened chocolates that are dairy, gluten and sugar free, vegan, paleo and raw. (To accomplish the latter, a low-heat stone-grinding process is used.)

These Phi Kind truffles had authentic, mild cherry flavor, and a slightly crunchy texture (likely from cacao nib and almond bits), without health concerns that arise from some chocolate truffles.

Ingredients: Cocoa nibs, Non-GMO birch xylitol, almonds, dried cherries, sunchoke syrup, coconut, vanilla, sea salt, stevia

Note: I bought these at the Seed Bank in downtown Petaluma, CA. What a great concept. A seed company took over an older bank building with a beautiful interior. Worth a stop if you're in the area, even if you're not a gardener. Small, but nice selection of chocolates there too.

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