Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chocolate Momotombo - Pre-Colombian Feast - Mar. 15, 2016

Chocolate(s) of the Day: 

Fabrica de Chocolate Momotombo (Momotombo Chocolate Factory)
(tour and Pre-Colombian feast)
Very Good
Weight: unknown feast weight
Calories: unknown feast calories
Cost: $ N/A - part of a larger trip package
Purchased from: N/A - part of a larger trip package

Today the Chocolate Banquet Nicaragua Series continues with the second of two chocolate write-ups from this Central American country*. This evening I was fortunate to be part of a small group of people that visited the Momotombo Chocolate Factory in Managua, Nicaragua.

After seeing, smelling and tasting chocolates as part of a tour of the Momotombo Chocolate Factory, our group sat down to a pre-Colombian inspired dinner, under a giant lantern-lit mango tree (in the factory's back yard). The food was fresh, and amazingly good.

The chocolates and the entire feast was planned out and executed by Momotombo owner and founder, Carlos Mann. More about Carlos later this week. His factory turns out fresh (stovetop-cooked) chocolates, filled chocolate confections and bars.

Feast menu items this evening included: fresh corn tortillas with guacamole (avocado flavored with passion fruit), chicken mole, tamales, and many other dishes; and it was topped off by a fantastic fresh fruit plate. (I've never tasted sapote or pineapple like this where I live.)

Bravo Carlos, and thank you to Sunita and team at the Chocolate Garage for setting up this tour.

*Nicaragua is a cacao "origin" country, i.e. one of the Central American countries where cacao grew and was cultivated--dating back thousands of years, to the Olmec civilization.

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