Sunday, October 10, 2010

ChocolateBet: October 10, 2010

Chocolate(s) of the Day:
1/2 bar
Love (Milk Chocolate) bar
Good +
Weight: .74 oz. (21 g.)/1.48 oz. (42 g.) total bar
Calories: 110 calories
Cost: $?
Purchased from: ?

This Nestle Love bar was waiting in my chocolate vault, for just the right occasion. Today (Day #4 of Chocolate and Air Theme Week) was a good match; but, even more appropriately, today we attended a wedding. Perfect opportunity to share the Love -- bar, that is. This Love bar seemed very similar to Nestle's Aero milk chocolate bar, but I'm counting this as a different product/chocolate.

Chocolate of the Day, #2:
Just in case the Love bar formula was too close to a regular, milk chocolate Aero bar, I also enjoyed a teaspoon of chocolate frosting from a chocolate and salt/fleur de sel cupcake at the wedding reception. (These cupcakes could have been from Kara's Cupcakes; but I can't be 100% sure.)

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