Thursday, April 22, 2010

ChocolateBet: April 22, 2010

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

To celebrate Earth Day today (April 22), I created a special Chocolate Banquet brunch menu, with 8 chocolates, to honor the eight planets (used to be nine, sorry Pluto).

Seven of these chocolates forming this imaginary chocolate solar system were from Vosges, based in Chicago, Illinois. Vosges not only has a global feel to the company and chocolates, but also has adopted earth-friendly practices, such as using recycled materials, and donating to good causes in this vein. Fortunately, I happened to be in Las Vegas last week, where there is a Vosges satellite shop in the Western U.S.

Deluxe Chocolate Brunch "Menu"

The first course on today's brunch menu is bacon and eggs - a la Vosges...

1.) Vosges - Bacon and Eggs - 1 egg
(A dark chocolate egg with caramel and bacon inside)
Very Good

After this first course, and some fresh orange slices and mint tea,  I tried most of the chocolates in a 9-piece box I had picked up at Vosges. (This box, with the addition of the earth chocolate in the center that was not from Vosges, is pictured at right.)

2.) Vosges - Buddha's Leaf - 1 truffle (top row, center)
(Dark chocolate truffle flavored with Malaysian Pandan leaf - from Vosges Green Collection)
Very Good + - Yum

3.) Vosges - Ambrosia - 1 truffle (bottom row, center)
(Cointreau, white chocolate, macadamia nut pieces)
Very Good

4.) Vosges - Black Pearl  - 1 truffle (not pictured)
(Black sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi)
Very Good - Very Good +

5.) Vosges - Naga - 1 truffle (bottom row, right)
(Milk chocolate truffle with sweet Indian curry powder)
Very Good

6.) Vosges - Woolloomooloo - 1 truffle (bottom row, left)
(Milk chocolate, macadamia nuts, coconut)
Good + - Very Good

7.) Vosges - Rose - 1 truffle (top row, right)
(Dark chocolate, topped with a rose petal)
Very Good - Very Good +

8.) (Vendor unknown) - 1 piece (pictured above, right, beginning of today's post)
A foil-wrapped chocsimile of planet Earth (from Country Sun Natural Foods)
Good +

For those interested, below is more information on today's Earth Day Chocolate Brunch Banquet.
Total Weight (chocolates only): 4.1 oz. (121 g.)
Total Calories: 750 calories in total brunch (chocolates, fresh fruit, dab of peanut butter, tea)
Total Cost: $35.00 (thank you very much to Vosges, for the additional free samples to try)
Purchases from: Vosges, Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace, in Las Vegas, NV; and Country Sun Natural Foods, in Palo Alto, CA

Today was also Day #5 of Chocolate and Seed/Nut Butter and Fruit Theme Week, and I believe I've included chocolate combined with seeds, nuts, nut butter, and fruit in today's brunch.

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