Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ChocolateBet: November 18, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:

~ 1 serving
Chuao Chocolatier
Hot Chocolate - Abuela (hot chocolate mix)
Good + - Very Good
Weight: ~ .7 oz. /12 oz. (340 grams) mix in total container
Calories: 200 calories (estimate) includes ~ 1/4 cup milk
Cost: $18.50 for a whole container (yipes!)
Purchased from: Coupa Cafe, in downtown Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to the first day of Hot Chocolate Week! We had an unusually warm, sunny spell in the past several days in California. So, I waited until today (Tuesday), when it felt more like November, to start this Hot Chocolate Theme Week. I may even extend the theme week beyond 7 days - depending on how many variations on hot chocolate I can find.

This Abuela mix from Chuao Chocolatier (Carlsbad, CA) contains cacao from Venezuela, and tastes very nice even right out of the tin -- sprinkled over ice cream, pudding or other dessert.

The initial taste of hot chocolate I made with hot water was good. Then I found I wanted to make slight tweaks to this first cup, in two different directions: more sweet, and less sweet. This was due to watering down the mix too much.

I'd like to make this hot chocolate again with some coconut milk, or something sweet (marshmallows and/or cinnamon). I drank this with a few pieces of candy corn from Halloween, and that worked. In the direction of "less sweet," the addition of the milk made it less sugary sweet, and richer tasting.

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Marisa said...

Hey! I'm still reading your blog and really getting a kick out of it, although it makes me want to eat more chocolate!
I'm still on maternity leave, but if you have time for lunch sometime let me know. I'm around and available most days...Miss seeing you. - Marisa Zucek

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