Sunday, November 16, 2008

ChocolateBet: November 16, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:
1 brownie
Vegan gluten-free chocolate brownie
Very Good + - this is very good for gluten-free
Wt.: ~ 3 oz. (estim.)
Calories: ~ 180 calories (estimate)
Cost: $0 (free sample)
Purchased from: Edna's booth at the Mountain View farmer's market, in downtown Mountain View, CA

Thank you to Mary Posey (Edna's founder & triathlete) for the brownie sample at the farmer's market. It's great to know that there are some very tasty gluten-free, chocolate-containing treats right down the road. This brownie was nice and moist, and was enjoyed on a hike in San Francisco today out by the beach. I look forward to trying the chocolate and chocolate chip macaroons in Edna's line in the future.

Note: these brownies aren't in stores yet, but, if you are in the S.F. Bay Area, you may want to contact Edna's ( for more information how you might pick some of these up at a farmers market near you.

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