Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ChocolateBet: April 9, 2008

Chocolate of the Day:

1 serving
Kraft Philadelphia
Ready-to-eat Cheesecake Filling (Chocolate Dream)
OK+ - Good; very convenient - just spoon into a crust and eat; however, it doesn't quite have the flavor of a home-baked from scratch version. Trade-offs.
Wt: 86 grams in 1 srvg; 24.3 oz. (1 lb. 8.3 oz. (688 g) total container
Calories: 270 calories in 1 serving
Cost: $5.49 for a whole container
Purchased from: Safeway, in Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Day #6 of Chocolate Cheese week on my blog. Today, I had a few spoonfuls of chocolate cheesecake - the filling and not the crust (as I can't have wheat).

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