Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chocolate Math - Day # 477 of eating chocolates

As the clock turns over into 2008, I've now eaten a different kind of chocolate each day for 477 days in a row.

How much chocolate is that? Below are the answers I've been giving to people this week who have asked me...It's Chocolate Math time!

Q? 1.) How many pounds of chocolate items have you eaten?
If I've averaged about 1 oz. of chocolate each day for the last 477 days, then I've eaten 477 ounces. Four hundred seventy-seven ounces divided by 16 oz (in a pound) and you get 29.8125 pounds of chocolate items consumed in the last 15 1/2 months.

Q? 2.) How many calories worth in chocolate items?
If I've averaged just a little over 1 oz., or approximately 165 calories per item, each day, then
477 days x 165 calories = 78,705 total calories
(78,705 calories divided by 3,500 calories in 1 pound = 22.49 pounds worth)

Q? 3.) How much money have I spent on these chocolate items so far?
If I've averaged approximately $1.50 an item each day, then $1.50 x 477 days = $715.50 USD (U.S. dollars).

Q? 4.) How many pounds have I gained?
I think I've gained approximately 6-7 pounds since I started this bet on September 11, 2006. Actually, I don't know; I'm just guessing here as I didn't weigh myself back then when I started. So, while that is a lot of weight gain for me, all this chocolate ended up taking the place of other things I would have eaten (such as other dessert or carbohydrate items). In other words, it could have been worse if I hadn't stopped eating some of these other carbs. I didn't gain the whole 22.49 lbs. mentioned above in question # 2.

Q? 5.) What is your blood cholesterol level(s)? Has your cholesterol gone up?
No, it's actually gone down (when I had my last tests done a few months ago at least).

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